All national parks offer free admission on Saturdays, in the honor of a special week


Each year, some US national parks and sites waive entry fees to allow everyone to enjoy nature at its best. April 20 is the last free day in the nation's national parks to mark the launch of National Parks Week, April 20-28.

National Parks Week is the perfect time to visit popular parks such as Grand Canyon National Park or Canyonlands National Park, where special events are organized.

Theme days are held throughout the week, including National Junior Day (kids of all ages can earn junior Rangers' insignia) and Transportation Tuesdays, where you can discover the transportation innovations that have taken place. helped visitors over the years to discover the parks.

The sites will also host individual events, including lessons on how to pitch your own tent in the New Jersey Gateway Recreation Area, Easter Egg Hunt and face painting at Frederick Douglass National Historic Site. Washington, DC

Visitors can also participate in activities such as painting with artists at Arches National Park in Utah, sunset hikes in Death Valley National Park, watching tadpoles and frogs and savoring grilled marshmallows at the Chattahoochee River Recreation Area in Georgia.

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To make the most of National Parks Week, Will Shafroth, president of the National Park Foundation (official charitable association of US national parks), recommends calling local visitor centers to find out if any activities are going on. Specials are planned and for tips on the best places to avoid. crowds.

Shafroth also recommends keeping public or alternative transportation methods in mind if you do not plan to travel by car, as parks non-profit partners such as Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad will arrange trips around from the park and in nearby towns.

Among the lesser-known national parks that Shafroth recommends to visit include the Black Canyon National Park of Gunnison, Colorado, renowned for its climbing opportunities, and the Saguaro National Park, Arizona, where visitors can see rare plants and animal species and enjoy 165 km of trails dotted with wildflowers.

Finally, Shafroth suggests using the Find Your Park site to filter out areas of interest based on activities ranging from cycling and kayaking to children's programs to determine the areas you want to visit while throughout the week.

And if you share your outdoor adventures during National Park Week on Twitter, use the hashtag #FindYourPark to unlock a fun tidy emoji.

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