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Colton Underwood pensively walks Denver in an episode of "The Bachelor" in which he brought back seven women to his homeland. (Josh Vertucci, Provided by ABC)

After the "Bachelor" episode last week, when nearly half of the actors have returned home – some voluntarily – Colton is indecisive. Except that all his work must be decisive. That's all you do on "The Bachelor". You choose.

But when some of the women leaving recite the dreaded incantation, "not here for the right reason," Colton must find who to trust. We also saw another candidate leaving voluntarily – the third this season, perhaps setting a record for the number of women who dropped out of the baccalaureate on their own. First Elyse, then Sydney – and now Heather. We are at the last four.

The best moment.

Hannah B. and Heather turn their farewells into decisive moments. Hannah B. was the first one-on-one with Denver, Colton's hometown.

She had previously told Colton that she was in love with him and this week his reward was to meet the parents. Although she thinks her hometown has taken off, those of us who have ever seen "The Bachelor" know that meeting parents before the last three means that the single can not make up their minds. Colton's Big Dad's Council: Trust your instinct.

For dinner. Hannah B. leaves the limousine in a pink dress she had clearly saved for her big moment. (Twitter went crazy for that – epaulettes, sleeves.) The price of $ 595. Is it polyester? Where can he buy it?) But Colton has not wasted time: " I spent so much time asking myself who was ready, and I can not look myself in the mirror and wonder if I'm ready for … us. "Ouch. But then, Hannah puts all the break in place with the winning replica of the evening: "I will not allow myself to feel chosen every day, and I will wait for it to be the case."

Colton continues with words of encouragement (unnecessary): "Just know that there is someone for you." Hannah B. answers: "I know it." And just like that, everyone on Twitter forgot what he felt. her dress. But as if to consolidate her place in "Bachelor in Paradise," Hannah B. suggestively warns Colton that some of the remaining women are not here for the right reasons and are entering the limousine. That makes her the fourth woman to say that to Colton. Why does everyone keep saying that? Is that what makes Colton jump the fence?

Nope. For the group date, Colton's big plan is to ask everyone their intentions. But before he can listen to his guts, Heather uses her one-on-one time to get home. She says she can not take her home to her family because she does not really know how she feels. But really, Heather is freeing herself.

Enjoy your 20 years, Heather!

The worst moment.

Colton is not a confident man. On the contrary, he sometimes seems to be fully animated by his anxiety. For weeks, he said intermittently to the camera (and sometimes to women competing for his affection) that one thing terrified him above all else: the possibility that he falls in love with someone who "does not like it." was not ready "for love.

In this episode, he evokes this fear so often that we have lost count. An abbreviated sample:

"My ultimate fear in all this. I am confident in all the decisions I make. But I just do not want to be wrong, "he admits.

"My biggest fear in all of this is coming to an end. I'm crazy, I'm madly in love, he says, but I miss something. "

"It's terrifying for me. If I get on one knee … and it does not turn around, "It's my worst fear."

Etc. And on. And on. "It sucks," he observes, as he summed up his entire season. "This is my biggest fear."

As this chorus finally reveals, what scares her is the prospect that some of these women want something other than her finite and inevitably divided attention. Of course, some of the women are there for Instagram followers, for # conference opportunities, maybe even for the chance to be the next Bachelorette! There is no shame in this, and the only reason they should pretend otherwise is that the series told them that the real crime was to be there for the "wrong reasons".

And yet, the mere prospect that things might otherwise be left Colton paralyzed with dread. In other words, Colton's greatest, greatest and most ultimate fear seems to be totally rooted in the talk of the series itself. It's like he had internalized the logic of "The Bachelor" to such an extent that she had annihilated her own psychic life, leaving her nothing to fear, but what Chris Harrison did him said is scary. With each repeated complaint, Colton seems to write an addendum to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: It is a phobia defined only by the possibility that a "Bachelor" candidate is … a candidate from The Bachelor.

The strangest moment.

"Bachelor" Twitter, which is both a loving and naughty place, was especially concerned that Colton had not yet fled the show and did not jump over a very high fence, a teasing moment in the first episode of the series. must still deliver.

But on the date of the band, Heather Has-Been-Kissed had one of the most difficult farewells of the series: after arriving at the band's date in a former tourist locomotive, she decided not to choose Colton and to volunteer leave the show to be able to kiss more guys. The rest of the women do not attend her departure, but realize that Heather's time is up when she hears mourning too much.

Colton drives her on the train and they kiss goodbye. (Kissing, she's doing it all the time now!) And then she climbs into the caboose, which winds its way through Bachelor Gulf at an extremely clumsy and low speed, forcing Heather to defend herself as a minor zinc in the Yukon. . In fact, Heather probably bought a one-way Acela ticket at "Bachelor in Paradise," where she will embrace even more men. There's a whole world out there for you, Heather!

In the absence of jump in the walls, Twitter's "Bachelor" is hooked to the absurdity of the train ride, filling our schedule with the memes "Thomas the Tank Engine" and Harry Potter.

Next week, while visiting the hometown, we'll see which of the remaining four relationships (Cassie, Hannah G., Caelynn and Tayshia) is on the right track.

The February 18 episode of "The Bachelor" has turned out to be a fun experience for the city's residents, since it's held in full in Denver and in the mountains of Colorado.

A familiar face, Ben Higgins, also appeared in the episode when he met Colton Underwood in his new LoHo restaurant, Ash'Kara. Among the local places they stayed: Underwood was installed at the Jacquard Hotel in Cherry Creek, while the women stayed at Capitol Hill at the Patterson Inn.

Most of his encounters took place in LoDo, Loveland and Georgetown, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes had a private performance of Brett Young's Red Rocks. These are not the only spots spotted, however. Here is a list:

Denver and Colorado places on "The Bachelor"

• Denver Pavilions

• Confluence Park
• Union Station
• milk market
• Rocky Mountain Wings
• Loveland Pass
• Loveland Ski Area
• The strong
• red rocks
• Georgetown Loop Railway
• Grant Humphreys Mansion
• jacquard hotel
• Denver Art Museum
• Denver International Airport
• Capitol of Colorado
• Ash'Kara
• Coors Field
• Stoic and authentic
• Denver Millennium Bridge
• Creamery Ice Creamery, Union Station
• Patterson Inn

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