All that happened at the most fluid event ever organized by the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019


There was a lot of cool indies looking!

So, there were a lot of revelations of games at the PC Gaming Show. Most of them were independent, but then what? We've had revelations revealed here without the constant interruptions of skits, mediocre Drake's ads from Drake's Cakes, and the hosts have really stood up well after a few years to sort out their problems.

Rather than doing previous advertising with CEOs, we had only one interlude with a monitor, and it was pretty simple and centered around games. For the rest, there were trailers on cool project trailers like Starmancer, Valfaris, and El Hijo. Oh and Epic Games Store still pissed off people.

We also had to close the event with a discreet table announcement (considering the background of Day9, which is appropriate), which might not be as overwhelming as a big publisher, but as a pen dude. and paper, that was my jam. The best ratings for improvement, and the indie-focus really fit in the lower mood of this E3, Sony being totally absent from the madness.

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