All the exotic Division 2 weapons we've found so far


The exotic weapons of Division 2 have begun to appear for players crossing the post-apocalyptic state of Washington. It is not too difficult to spot these weapons either – although they appear with a golden peach hue to distinguish their rank of rarity, they also have unique visual marks. As Ubisoft himself has stated, The Division 2 Exotics should be more exciting than in the first game.

Ubisoft's intent is primarily aesthetic, as weapons are designed to stand out more vividly, whether they are placed on the ground on the battlefield or in the state of your character. In addition to that, each of these weapons tells a story and radiates the gun theme while connecting it to the tradition.

Of course, every weapon that is worth making a pound of meat must also be nice to use. That's where we come in – we've gathered everything we know about Exotics in Division 2 so far, as well as their stats, talents and attributes. As we get our hands on other valuable exotics, we will continue to add them to the list – so check if you have not seen the one you are looking for.

Division 2 Exotic Weapons


The Lullaby is a SPAS-12 bandana shotgun that inflicts 2.1k of massive damage, fires at 70 rounds per minute and holds eight. The range of critical hits is between 0 and 20m, and it will take 5.4 seconds to recharge.

The lullaby seems to come together with tape, but its benefits seem more than stable. His advantage named Lullaby will give you a 35% armor bonus if you hit a melee after trading your gun for the shotgun. It also has an advantage called "Evasive", which will allow you to reload 1% of your magazine when you dodge with this weapon equipped – it's a shell, which could save your life.

The Lullaby is at your disposal if you have pre-ordered and edited The Division 2 or if you buy the Capital Defender pack.

Sweet Dreams

The Sweet Dreams rifle is a jazz version of the Lullaby. It is accessible without buying the Capital Defender pack. Sweet, indeed.

Like the Lullaby, he has the Evasive advantage, but he replaces the Lullaby talent with Sweet Dreams, and adds Sandman at startup. The Sweet Dreams talent gives you a 35% boost for your armor to receive a melee attack after exchanging a shotgun. The Sandman prevents enemies that you hit to heal or apply armor kits. If you kill your enemy with the Sandman debuff applied, you will get 35% of your armor.

OK, the benefits are not surprising in itself. Mainly because if you shock someone with an excellent rifle, you will not fight for the scrum. In addition to that, Sweet Dream's deals $ 100,000 damage if you buy it in World Rank 4 and has a trigger rate of 70 rounds per minute. In short, it's a lot of damage. If you want to see Sweet Dreams in action, you can watch the clip above.

the ruthless rifle division 2


The Ruthless is a rifle that deals 300 damage, 260 rounds per minute, and 30 rounds to the mag. It has a critical strike range of 10 to 60 m and is recharged in 2.5 seconds.

The rifle is also provided with the "Binary Trigger" benefit, meaning that the weapon will fire when you click with your mouse and release it. It also has the "Brutality" asset, which means that attacking a hit has a 5% chance to deal 20% damage as Explosive Damage.

Ruthless is available for anyone who has pre-ordered version 2 of The Ultimate Division 2.

the ruthless division 2 v2

Without mercy

While strolling through the Washington show by Massive Entertainment, you can find a more complete version of Ruthless called the Merciless, even if you have not pre-ordered the ultimate edition of The Division 2.

The main difference here is the talent of Guerilla Warfare, which turns the first round into a preliminary round that will stick to the enemies. Release the fire button and shoot the second bullet that detonates a combo. In addition to this, each detonated primer takes 75% damage per detonated primer. Keep in mind however that only one enemy can have primers and that the maximum stack is five. The detonator deals additional damage based on the location of the connection. So be sure to release the binary trigger located above the enemy's undercoat or a weak point.

the chatter of division 2

The chatterbox

This exotic p90 was the star of the city of Washington, DC, thanks to the talent of Blabbermouth, which allows you to increase the firing rate of any weapon by 20% for ten seconds if you reload the weapon five seconds after a death while The Chatterbox is holstered.

The Chatterbox is also endowed with an Incessant Chatter talent that increases the shot rate from 1% to 60% for each hit hit. Finally, Box Magazine grants The Chatterbox a 20% recharge of the mag and a bonus after each kill for ten seconds. Each shot increases the loader capacity from one to sixty maximum, and killing the target consumes the buff to completely fill the store, while the buff is active.

However, to find The Division 2's The Chatterbox, you need to have a battery of keys and unlock the covers to get it.

Division 2 deagle

The deacon

Kendra Nelson's trusted pistol can hold eight bullets in the magazine and fires at 150 rounds per minute.

The Deagle comes with a Liberty Advantage that increases the damage of 100% against hostile electronic devices while highlighting them and highlighting the weak points of the enemy when you aim. The Blind Justice talent reduces the damage of your next ball by 500% if you take out a hostile electronic device or if you break a weak point of the enemy. If this ball kills someone, your weapon charger is reloaded and you will incur 100% weapon damage for the entire charger. In closing, the Independence Talent gives your other weapons a bonus that fills 20% of their charge if you destroy the enemy's weak spot while the Deagle is in the state.

To recover the Division 2's deagle, read the story to the Capitol Hill Fortress, where you'll eliminate a leader named Captain Kendra Nelson. Once rewarded with exotic-made material called 'Pistol: Trigger and Mechanism', follow the quest steps to claim your bonus.


Other exotics are still being dug up, as they are beyond high-end loot and are not part of the start of the game. However, thanks to YouTuber Epic Slay3rs, we know what other six aliens will look like – although we do not know what benefits they will get at this point.

These weapons, division 2, include a heavily modulated sniper rifle with the Black Tusk logo, a rifle also wrapped in a bandana, an M249 that looks like a fall from Outcast and another shotgun painted black.

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And now, the Exotic Division 2 weapons as we know them up to now. You certainly will not know many Exotics before the end of the match, but it's exciting to see Ubisoft endow its Exotic weapons with a post-apocalyptic personality to visually highlight them from the standard weapon.

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