All we know about the commitment of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez


Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are engaged! Hollywood's favorite turtles flew to beach holidays to rest and relax together (as A-Rod reports on his Instagram account), but the former professional baseball player had a hidden agenda. Find out what we know about her romantic proposal and see Jennifer Lopez's upcoming engagement ring.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are engaged! | Daniele Venturelli / WireImage

Alex Rodrigues and Jennifer Lopez Engagement

Despite their busy schedules, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez took time for themselves this weekend and headed for a warm, sunny spot. The celebrity couple is currently enjoying a vacation at the tropical beach with white sand, blue sky and canoe at sunset over the ocean (according to JLo's posts on Instagram) – AKA, the perfect place for a romantic proposal.

According to his article on Instagram, Alex Rodriguez asked the question at sundown on Saturday March 9, 2018. An outdoor fire pit and beach may have also played a role, but we will have to wait for such details from the # 39; future. Sir and Madam.

As for Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring? It's huge. The emerald-cut diamond appears to be close in size to Kim Kardashian's second engagement ring, which is 20 carats in size and worth approximately $ 4.5 million.

After their engagement, Alex Rodriguez shared this exciting news with his followers on Instagram. The former baseball star shared a photo of Jennifer Lopez's ring finger and subtitled it: "She said yes."

How long have Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez been together?

Jennifer Lopez met her future husband for the first time when she brought her kids to a baseball game. At the time, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were married to their ex. But, as fate would have it, the two men found themselves years later and the moment could not be more perfect.

While chatting, they both revealed that they were single and Alex Rodriguez decided to ask Jennifer Lopez for a first date. They of course got along well and kept seeing each other. The two men dated several months before publicly announcing their relationship.

How long have Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez been together? They celebrated their two-year anniversary on February 4, 2018. Alex Rodriguez confided his love for his lady to Instagram stating, "I can not believe it's been two years. Only 730 days have passed, but we have felt like we have always been together. We are supposed to be, and everything you want to say for me can not be put into words. "

JLo also shared her love on social media with a very adorable lovebirds post. "You make my world a safer, more stable and more beautiful place … in the midst of our life in constant change, in constant emotion … you make me feel like a teenager who starts from scratch," she wrote. "Whenever I think I anchored you, you surprise me in the most wonderful way, reminding me how happy I am to have found you at this time … our time … Te Amo Macho …" was -she adds.

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