All we know about the land of wonder at the opening of Disneyland & California Adventure next year: LAist


Concept art for Avengers Campus at California Adventure. (With permission from Disney)

Disney has announced many more wonders this weekend at its D23 Expo conference, that it's about movies and shows, or theme park attractions in Disney parks, which now dot the world. Here in Southern California, we have a new Marvel Field: the Avengers Campus, which will open next year in the area formerly called A Bug's Land. Here is a brief overview of what to expect:

Ride Spider-Man

Concept art for the new Spider-Man carousel at California Adventure. (With permission from Disney)

Despite the failure of negotiations between Sony and Sony when it is time to work together on future Spider-Man movies, Spidey will be on the display of the first film announced for Avengers Campus . It is housed in the building of the World Engineering Brigade – aka "WEB". (We see what you did there, Disney, and it suits us.)

Concept art for the line of Spider-Man rides. (Courtesy Disney / Marvel)

This is an open day at WEB. Future inventors invite visitors to a test drive of a vehicle dubbed the "Web Slinger". You'll have access to websites, virtual super-powers, and help Spider-Man collect Spider-Bots.

Concept Art for Avengers Campus Web Providers. (Courtesy Disney / Marvel)

And what would a new outing be without a gift shop / a chance for you to shell out your wallet in exchange for an endless supply of branded products? We have not received many details, but the WEB providers seem to be here to meet your Spidey product needs.


Concept art for the Avengers headquarters at California Adventure. (Courtesy Disney / Marvel)

The campus is centered around the Avengers' headquarters, which will hold the second major tour of the country. A bit like the rise of Star Wars resistance: The Disneyland Galaxy, this will not open until Phase 2 of the ground construction. Once that's done, you'll have to board a Quinjet Avengers and participate in a gigantic battle including a trip to Wakanda from Black Panther.

Concept-art for the next Avengers attraction at California Adventure. (Courtesy Disney / Marvel)

They promise that you will face one of the most powerful villains of the Avengers – we put our money on Thanos, but we will have to wait to find out.

Disney also promises that the ride will feature a new ride system that has never been used before – concept art means that your seat is used as a kind of jet / weapon-type device, turning you into a combo of Rocketeer and War Machine. .


Concept art of Doctor Strange in a Sanctum Sanctorum in California. (With permission from Disney)

Dr. Strange lives in his Sanctum Sanctorum, but part of the Avengers' campus will be a California Sanctum (we missed him in the movies). You will explore the ruins of this sanctuary, and it will also be part of a live show staging the "mysteries of the multiverse", according to Insider.

Characters available to meet and greet across the country include Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Wasp, other Wakanda superheroes and Thor's Asgard, and at the times of Iron Man and Black Widow – I guess the park is featuring ghosts? (OOPS, End of Game spoilers, Sorryyyyyy.) The Avengers will also appear in person on the roofs of the Avengers' HQ.

A glimpse of the food and beverage giant Pym test kitchen, as presented at D23 Expo. (Joshua Sudock / Disneyland Resort)

As far as food is concerned, the big restaurant will be the Pym Test Kitchen, which will use Pym Tech to grow and reduce food. This is a nice tribute to the history of the region like A Bug's Land – we would not be surprised to see more specific tributes to this story here too.

Concept art for California Adventure's next Pym Test Kitchen restaurant. (Courtesy Disney / Marvel)


An exhibition at D23 Expo, revealing how different Avengers campuses from around the world in different Disney parks will be connected. (Joshua Sudock / Disneyland Resort)

The worldwide reach of Disney is being translated into its theme parks, with a scenario connecting our Avengers campus to the one inaugurated at Disneyland Paris. They promise the parks will connect with a global story, with Avengers using the sites to recruit the next generation of heroes.

"In a way, these new campuses look like the Avengers themselves: a group of diverse people who have come together for the same purpose," Disney Artistic Director Scot Drake said in a news release. . "This collection of unique addresses, each dedicated to a different discipline, has come together to defend the next generation of heroes."

However, the location of Disneyland Paris is only open at a later date.

A design for the Disney & # 39; s renovated New York Hotel in Paris. (With permission from Disney)

France even experiences its Marvel hotel, with an Art of Marvel theme at Disney's New York Hotel. The hotel will present Marvel artwork, as well as suites on the theme of Spider-Man and other heroes. No word on whether we could get something like this in the United States, but here is some hope, True Believers.

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