Alumni Flyers Showdown unveiled

Recently, we told you about our partnership with the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation to help raise funds for their efforts to renovate the University of Pennsylvania's "23" rink category. Snider Hockey plans to use the rink as a base for kids to train and play in their program, and the old place desperately needs some improvements before that happens.

The Flyers Alumni Association today unveiled their training for Friday's game, and this sounds like a very fun group:

Kimmo AND Hartsy AND Danny AND Boosh? It will be fun. In addition, Broad Street Hockey has exclusive access to the locker room, the ice and all players who play in the game. So we have really, really fun content for a small donation to Snider Hockey . If you are able to donate, this is an extremely worthwhile cause, and you can visit our Patreon page for details on the amount of a $ 5 or $ 10 donation. Every penny goes to Snider Hockey, so think about giving. You will feel good inside AND you will probably hear Kimmo and Hartsy make fun of you.

And if you want to watch the match, you can find ticket information here.

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