Alyson Stoner reviews the biggest viral dance videos on the Internet | SOI

Alyson Stoner reviews the most popular dance videos on the Internet, from the BTS music video to the battle scene of the "Step Up" franchise's water fight at one of the her first professional dances, Missy Elliott's classic video for "Work It. Alyson explains what makes these videos special and gives her a glimpse of the dance techniques used in each.

His latest single "Who Do You Love" is available now.




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Missy Elliott


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Alyson Stoner reviews the biggest viral dance videos on the Internet | SELF.



  1. “These incredibly attractive twins…mm…” haha thanks for having me!!! So fun!! ✨❤️✨❤️

  2. Me: see's bts and clicks video :)))

  3. i remember her from camp rock i loved her as a child

  4. Tactics: put BTS in the thumbnail AND BOOM


  5. Loveeeee ROYAL FAMILY AND DYTTO‼️‼️‼️

  6. “Did they just one drop” ?????????

  7. Her “DNA” choreo was on point I like that but on another note ? Throughout the whole video my “foodie” self was thinking about why she not eating the popcorn … why is the popcorn there? , then she threw some??? I don’t like edible props ? if you not going to utilize them with your mouth lol

  8. Never forget ppl, she can came out in Missy Elliot's song Work it when she was just a child and she came out in Camp Rock, plus step up . Obviously she is a professional dancer TF

  9. When she knows the choreography to DNA and your a$$ can't even do one move ?

  10. She got popcorn with her.

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BTSsssssssssssss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Ahh still remember Alyson from my childhood and now I’m an Arrmy! The feels?

  13. Put BTS in the thumbnail and I shall watch ?

  14. I'm here because Alyson!?
    I love so much The water battle❤

  15. BTS-DNA…..450M views then….lol its at 470M now????

  16. I c bts in the thumbnail I clicked?

  17. Royal Family has way bigger videos then just 16million

  18. I really hope those tap dancers actually started to do real tap afterwards, not just hand clapping and stomping lol

  19. The last o in forró is more open just like in Robert

  20. I've never clicked so fast in my life, thats what BTS does to me

  21. She's tyler sister on step up. Shes a natural dancer..

  22. I remember watching Missy Elliot's video and l was like woah I want to dance like that girl. cause I was as young as you and it showed I could do it as well. Also I may have had and still have a crush on you ?… You're dope chica

  23. 5:45 _From the Northeast Brazil? Forró?_?
    I arrived ???

  24. Love watching YouTubers milk Bts' popularity for there own promotions

  25. This channel's name is SELF and I'm Jungshook (that never gets old just like our golden baby)

  26. I just watched camp rock and from the first time i saw it i always used the head bumb fist thing she did during her keyboard performance in my freestyles lol how far she has come is amazing

  27. The Alyson Stoner knows BTS choreo. My life is complete ?❤️

  28. she got the moves but didn't touch the popcorn

  29. So she’s just not gonna eat the popcorn or……

  30. im shocked psy was not there and anyone else see bts and was like "ohh leme see"

  31. I'm a simple girl. I see BTS, I click.