Alyssa Milano hands ‘olive branch’ to Trump supporters after months of scathing rebuke

After months of condemnation of President Trump and his administration, Alyssa Milano says she is handing an “olive branch” to her supporters.

The left-wing activist and actress, who has expressed outrageous support for President-elect Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election, took to Twitter on Tuesday with her peace offer.

“I would like to extend an olive branch to Trump supporters. I am ready to move #ForwardTogether”, the former of “Charmed” tweeted to its 3.7 million followers.

“There is so much work to be done to heal the nation. Let’s be part of the solution and not add to the issues we are facing. My comments are open. Please respond with #ForwardTogether,” she added with a heart emoji.


In a follow-up tweet, Milano said Americans “are going to need a lot of humility and compassion right now. Anger and triumphalism are less helpful.”

It’s a dramatic change of course for the actress, after months of public mockery of Trump, and essentially the entire Republican Party.

Trump supporters were quick to react to Milan’s offer on Monday, and a majority did not meet her with kind words in return. Several hesitated at the star’s approach, calling it a “joke” after her several cries of anger to have Trump removed from office.

“I remember you. You were the one who watched Judge Brett Kavanaugh in his hearings. You are the one who called out the Conservatives all the names in the book and you didn’t detect your words in the slightest. would not suggest an olive. the branch had lost your group … and no, “a person reacted.

Another wrote: “I’m too lazy to read the comments, but I suspect it gave Trump exactly no support in taking your olive branch.”


Alyssa Milano on Tuesday offered an `` olive branch '' to Trump supporters after months of criticism of Trump and his administration.

Alyssa Milano on Tuesday offered an “ olive branch ” to Trump supporters after months of criticism of Trump and his administration.
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Several Twitter users suggested the peace offer came only because Biden won the election.

“This must be another sick joke, what happened to you? Four years of craziest sick tweets on our @POTUS and anyone who stands with him now that you’ve been healed? We normals and descendants will pose a only question this time next year, what did SLEEPY do for you? ” another wrote.

“Moving forward involves recognizing and atoning for the wrong you have done. It takes time to rebuild broken trust. Expect everyone to say ‘oh let’s forget you called me a Nazi, let’s go! , you don’t get the high moral standard here, ”another tweeted.

Although Milano’s tweet caused a number of her followers to disagree with her position. Some have argued that there should be no room for reconciliation.

“No, there is no unity with people who are racist, believe children should be caged, masks ani or believe in the Trump period. This is not correct, no one thought that we should forgive and become friends with the Nazis, ”one person said on the platform.

ALYSSA MILANO blames Trump for coronavirus dishonesty

“Unfortunately, until I’m sure the deceivers won’t try to hit us with the olive branch, I refuse to extend it. Some of those people applauded the violence against the protesters. They urged civil war. Trust is not an easy thing to fix. ” another claimed.

Ahead of the election, Milano’s comments joined a chorus of Hollywood stars this year who criticized the president for his response to the coronavirus pandemic as well as his comments about migrant children separated from their parents at the US and Mexican border.

In September, she called for the Republican Party to stand trial for treason in light of the revelations made in Bob Woodward’s new book.

“Trump knew the virus was deadly when he called it ‘the Democrat’s new hoax.’ He politicized a f-king pandemic because he knew taking it seriously would mean shutting down the economy, which would hurt his wealthy friends. she wrote on twitter at the time. “We have to elect Joe Biden. He is our only hope. #BuildBackBetter. “

“The whole of @GOP should be tried for treason. #TrumpKnewVoteBlue, ”she continued.


Milano also closely followed all major events leading up to the 2020 election, often referring to his social media accounts to urge voters to vote against Trump. On the evening of the first presidential election, she tweeted: “This debate is about good versus evil.”

She continued to write: “Trump must answer for his lies and his failures.”

In July, Milano also criticized Trump and Dr Fauci for the lack of a nationwide shutdown as COVID-19 continued to mount. The actress would later contract the virus herself and became honest about her lingering symptoms.

“Trump doesn’t care how many people die. He only cares about the economy and his re-election ”, she wrote in july. “Otherwise, why would he ignore all the doctors and specialists in the world?”


“Dr. Fauci may be great and a national treasure, but let’s not forget he sat there as Trump made ridiculous and uneducated public health statements ” she wrote. “He also allowed the White House to silence him as things continued to get out of hand.”

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