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Amanda Seyfried apologizes to influencer Arielle Charnas for the "targeted" countdown

Amanda Seyfried, Givenchy, NYFW

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Amanda Seyfried would like to make things clear.

After publicly criticizing a social media influencer Arielle Charnas For what she described as "displaying" her lifestyle and promoting an "unhealthy" body image, the actress came back to Instagram with an apology.

Seyfried addressed his message to "all those who [felt] victim of intimidation or bad mood "throughout the debacle, writing:" If you know me or know some of my convictions or positions, you will recognize that my role is not to demolish anyone who it's for who he is. & # 39; "

She then acknowledged the "price" that individuals often face with a platform like Charnas, adding, "You must be aware of the message you are sending and be able to save it in the face of criticism (not just praise). are responsible instead of using the terms above. "

In conclusion, Seyfried regretted not having given the example to the Charnas platform.

"The only thing I would remember, is how I started this debate," wrote the star. "I would have desperately wished that no one was targeted (or castigated) (many are embarking on this questionable message) and started a cleaner general conversation.

"Nobody needs to tear anyone up, and I regret that it's present now." To the lady in question: "I'm sorry for the really negative feeling you've endured because of this," he said. Amanda. "Apart from the messy detour?" The most important message seems to filter and help many women feel supported.And that's the name of the game. "

Charnas, who has more than one million followers on Instagram and runs the lifestyle brand Something Navy, has not responded directly to Amanda's comments.

The drama first captivated the social media world earlier this week when Charnas posted a photo of herself in a bikini and captioned it: "Proud of my body after two kids."

Seyfried then shared a screenshot of a friend's commentary on the Charnas page, claiming that by publishing the photo of the bikini, she "perpetuated the (totally unrealistic) patriarchal notion that mothers "bounce" after delivery ".

"My very smart friend wrote this on the wire of a semi-influencer and she blocked us both (although I did not tag her – at least she gets the message)," wrote Seyfried on Instagram. "If we are ready to be paid to display our lifestyle (and inspire some in the meantime), we need to be open to discussions about what we are promoting."

After the violent reaction, Charnas' husband explained the incident by sending a seemingly sarcastic "warning" to "the American Body Shaming Association".

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