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Amanda Seyfried blows influencer Arielle Charnas

Amanda Seyfried went on Instagram on Wednesday to whistle social media influencer Arielle Charnas, claiming that by "displaying her lifestyle" she had subscribed to unrealistic and harmful bodily expectations.

The conflict began when Arielle, 32, posted a photo of her in a bikini, subtitled: "Proud of my body after two kids."

Although she received positive feedback from her followers, others felt that she was promoting a body image goal that was unhealthy and inaccessible to her 1.2 million subscribers. Instagram.

An unnamed friend from Seyfried commented on the picture: "Quite well that you are privileged and slim, good for you (I'm too-ish!) BUT if you do not recognize how your wealth has made your workout / possible body, you We are only perpetuating the (totally unrealistic) patriarchal notion that mothers should "bounce back" after childbirth, an impossibility for all those who can not afford to pay enough guard (which is almost everyone in this country).

Seyfried, 33, posted a screenshot of her friend's commentary and added her own comment: "If we are ready to be paid for displaying our lifestyle (and having inspired some of them time), we need to be open to the discussions around us are promoting. "

"We must safeguard ourselves, not run away from the problems that this poses. There are gray areas everywhere, "continued the actress. "Each of us has a chance to support ourselves, especially on this platform. If you know who you are, take a second to decide if what you are throwing is worth it, overall.

In a second Instagram post, Seyfried, a 2-year-old mother of Nina, posted a selfie called "INFLUENCE = POWER. And if you enjoy it – Empower. "

Earlier Thursday, Charnas' fiancé, Brandon, defended her on Instagram. He wrote satirically that Charnas' body is "inaccessible", regardless of his training regiment, and that if you try to do it, you must have at least three nannies. [sic] and make sure you not only pay them, but also thank them at least four times a week on Instagram. "

"If you can not afford a nanny, do not try to make a very successful career to do it," he continued. "Only people over 30 are allowed to view this message, young people must be accompanied by a therapist."

Charnas did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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