Amazing comet photos 2018 / Y1 Iwamoto!

When the bright green Comet 2018 / Y1 Iwamoto swayed by the sun in February 2019, the astrophotographers took advantage of the unique opportunity to photograph the comet with their telescope. The periodic comet will not return until after 1,371 years. Comet Iwamoto was bright enough to see through binoculars and small telescopes as he passed through the inner solar system.

He reached perihelion, his closest point to the sun, on February 7, and he cleared up over the next few nights as he got closer to the planet Earth. It reached its peak on its closest approach to Earth on February 12, when it passed a safety distance of 45 million kilometers.

Click on this gallery to see some of the most amazing views of the comet Iwamoto captured by astrophotographers around the world!

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