Amazon Alexa Workplace test with WeWork paused; strong use on Amazon

Meanwhile, Amazon is quickly learning how much Alexa can be popular among its own employees.

In a pilot program launched earlier this year, Amazon attended more than half of its meetings (53% exactly). Start by talking to the Alexa voice assistant instead of manually typing the information on the existing control panel. internal data obtained by CNBC.

In addition, the data began in less than nine seconds.

The results, which come in June, are based on a pilot program that installed Alexa for Business in 698 conference rooms in 5 different Amazon buildings in Seattle. The program is managed by AWS Product Adoptions, a team that tests AWS products internally before deploying them more widely.

The rapid adoption of Alexa for Business by Amazon employees shows the tremendous potential of voice technology in the workplace.

But Amazon could also adopt this type of wider adoption outside, if they promoted and clarified the position of Alexa for Business, because many companies still ignore the capabilities of Alexa at work, according to Joe Kleinschmidt, CEO from Obindo, another former partner of the Alexa for Business program.

For example, Kleinschmidt said that his clients tended to ask questions much more often about Obindo's integration with tools such as email and messaging applications, compared to his Alexa skill. Obindo, a software that allows you to view company information, such as managing certain projects with the help of a simple command, works with simple voice requests on Alexa. But when Kleinschmidt presents this feature to customers, a common answer is: "We had not even thought about using Alexa in the office," he said.

Kleinschmidt said it would help raise awareness of Alexa's potential in the business world if Amazon ran stronger marketing campaigns around Alexa for Business, pointing out that most of the ads on Alexa were focused on cases of use by consumers.

"People's eyes light up when we show them how to use Obindo in Alexa," he said. "I would love to see Amazon tell more stories that really captivate people's imagination."

An employee of Amazon, who agreed to speak with CNBC on the condition of not being named because he is not allowed to talk about it, said that Alexa for Business was a convenient tool for organizing meetings, greatly shortening the time needed to call all participants. But he also noted that his use case is still mainly limited to basic features, such as starting meetings or dimming the room's lighting.

Kleinschmidt, in Obindo, said the rapid adoption at the lowest of departure meetings with votes is expected. But given Alexa's level of sophistication and its ability to offer much smarter data, Amazon "would leave a lot of things on the table" if it did not further promote its capabilities, did it? he declares.

"This platform is more than just making meetings more efficient," he said.

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