Amazon Cuomo gives full treatment to Jeff Bezos


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Amazon may have left the governor of New York high and dry a few weeks ago, but Andrew "Amazon" Cuomo does not seem to let him go.

The New York Times reported on Thursday that Cuomo "was working hard" to get the company back on an agreement with the headquarters of its New York headquarters following the dismantling of Amazon earlier this month, accusing the lack of receipt of from local politicians and community leaders opposed to the Queens project. .

Quoting two sources close to the case, the Times said Cuomo, who had expressed disappointment over the collapse of the deal, was in talks with Amazon's top management about the sealing process. agreement:

The governor has had numerous phone conversations with Amazon executives, including Bezos, over the last two weeks, according to two people familiar with the effort. In these calls, Cuomo said he would lead the company throughout the Byzantine government process.

Mr. Cuomo has not proposed a new location but rather guarantees of support for the project, said one person. Amazon executives did not feel that this would be re-examined.

In addition to requests for the dismissal of a company that had already declared "disappointed with this conclusion" when Amazon announced its withdrawal, an open letter to Bezos signed by politicians, companies and groups supporting the agreement was Ready to run in the Times Friday, the newspaper said.

This letter, which can be read in its entirety here, curiously indicates that Mayor Bill de Blasio, who publicly criticized Amazon following the failure of the agreement, would work "with the governor to manage the development process of The infrastructure investments needed to ensure that the Amazon campus will be of considerable benefit to residents and small businesses in the surrounding communities. It also seemed to claim that the opposition to the agreement was only part of the "charm" of New York:

We know that the public debate that followed the announcement of the Long Island City project was harsh and unwelcoming. Opinions are strong in New York – sometimes strident. We consider it to be part of the charm of New York! But when we embark on a project as important as this one, we find how to achieve it so that everyone can do it.

I'm sure New Yorkers will be pleased to hear that their sincere opposition to the agreement – which presents a host of potential impacts on the Queens community and that will greatly benefit Amazon with Luxurious subsidies, according to critics, goes to businesses: is characterized as a kind of personality quirk.

We contacted Amazon about the report and we will update it if we heard it. In the meantime, Amazon seems quite willing to launch its boombox outside the window of Bezos as long as it takes to win him back. At the very least, the name change should be back on the table.

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