Amazon has the dog DNA test Embark for $ 70 off – $ 30 less than Black Friday


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Save on the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit with this great offer.
Save on the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit with this great offer.

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Good news for all mothers and fathers who missed the Friday Black Friday deal: the Embar Dog DNA test is on sale at an unbeatable price less on Amazon, which means you can get it priced at $ 129, which represents a $ 70 discount on the listing price and $ 30 less than the black friday.

Embark is Mashable's first choice for the best dog DNA test so you can finally get the real answer: "What breed is your dog?" (Because, let's be honest, saying "a dog" basically means "who knows.")

Similar to a human DNA test, Embark will help you trace your dog's family history to his great-grandparents. It will also provide tons of genetic markers from over 250 dog breeds. Unlike other tests that only tell you the breeds of your dog, Embark looks at the genetic basis of its appearance to explain why your dog looks the same. It will even tell you if there is wolf or coyote blood in their DNA. (Finally, an explanation of why your puppy screams out the window every night.)

Apart from that, Embark will also offer detailed medical screenings covering more than 160 medical conditions and diseases, so that you can detect any detectable risk sooner and better plan your healthy aging.

If you do not own a dog, this would make a excellent gift for a friend or family member. And for $ 70 off? Woof, we will take it.

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