Amazon is giving you 24 hours to buy this ‘Powerhouse’ robot vacuum for just $ 130



A New Year is a great time to set goals for the next 12 months, and for many of us organizing our homes is high on this list. What if we told you that there is a way to keep your space clean without any extra work?

The Yeedi K650 robot vacuum uses 2000 pascals of suction power to silently remove dirt, dust and pet hair from all over your home without any human effort. And today alone, you can brand the smart device for just $ 130 at Amazon.

The WiFi-enabled robot vacuum works on both carpets and hardwood floors, and it includes smart sensors that prevent it from colliding with furniture or falling down stairs. You can run it for 130 minutes per charge, and once it runs out of power, it will automatically recharge. It’s even designed with a tangle-free silicone brush that specializes in finding and trapping animal hair hidden in its extra-large trash can.

I don’t write reviews very often, but this little powerhouse deserved one, “wrote one reviewer.” I wasn’t expecting much when I ordered this, and I quickly fell in love with him. He is able to easily handle thick rugs. I couldn’t believe all the places he was able to clean and all the places I was jumping. My house hasn’t looked so good in years. “


Buy it! Yeedi K650 robot vacuum, $ 129.99 (original $ 179.99);

In addition to this deal of the day, you can also get the Yeedi K600 robot vacuum for $ 30 off with a coupon on the spot. This model works with 1500 pascals suction power and features a slim design that can fit under sofas, beds and other furniture. It runs for 110 minutes per charge, and like the K650, the K600 automatically recharges when it runs out of juice.

“It’s a great product for people who need that extra cleaning every day,” said one reviewer. “It saves a lot of time and energy compared to manual vacuuming per day. It takes about four hours to charge for a two hour cleaning. I have two of these devices at home and I am very happy with this purchase. “


Buy it! Yeedi K600 robot vacuum, $ 110.99 with coupon (original $ 149.99);

You only have 24 hours to purchase the Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner offer, so we recommend that you make your purchase now before the time runs out.

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