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Amazon prepares MMO game Lord of the Rings before trilogy

Amazon has revealed today the long rumor the Lord of the Rings MMOs under development are being developed in collaboration with its internal Amazon gaming studios, which means that we will soon have a new rings Thu and this TV show is already revealed.

There is still no word on a story or a set. Amazon Game Studios VP Christoph Hartmann said in a statement:Tolkien Middle Earth is one of the richest fictional worlds in history and offers our team of experienced MMO developers – from the same studio in development New world – a great opportunity to play and create. "

We already knew that the game was under development. The details were revealed for the first time last year, although the game has been relatively quiet since and the game is still in its infancy. But now that we know that Amazon is devoting its resources to the game, we can hope that it will see a huge improvement in quality and size that it would not have had otherwise.

It would not be the first MMO installed in Tolkien's universe, or even the only one – The Lord of the Rings Online is, as far as I know, still there. Nevertheless, the game's tradition extends over several thousand years. Therefore, if Amazon wants to differentiate its game from the previous offer, it can still set it for a different time period. When the game was unveiled for the first time last September, a spokesman for Middle-Earth Enterprises (which holds the rights name on Tolkien's works) said it would act to The Lord of the Rings. "

According to a spokesperson, the game is developed in collaboration with Leyou, the Chinese company that owns Warframe Digital Extremes developer and who, oddly enough, was a poultry company. The publishing house of Leyou, Athlon Games, is directed by Dave Miller, who worked with Warner Bros on another Tolkien brand game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

It is not a surprise. Amazon is trying to get the most out of its Tolkien license. There are not many fantasy franchises with this level of name recognition and the recent success of Shadow of Mordor has proven that there really is a market for LotRbrand games. About fifteen years ago, many Tolkien games were released after the release of the films, many of which are excellent, although some have since disappeared. (Someone remembers Guardians of Middle-earth?)

Supposedly the game and the the Lord of the Rings The television program on which Amazon works is also unrelated, although it was developed at about the same time. Given the time it takes to develop an MMO, I would not be surprised if the show comes out first.

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