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Amazon Prime Day: According to these experts, avoid these offers and objects

The highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

The volume of transactions can be huge, so experts advise consumers not to act impulsively and wait for this bargain to make sure you save the money you want. Another tip is to have a plan and determine in advance what you need before you buy.

Although Amazon remains silent on the specific offers that will take place during the biggest purchase event reserved for Premium members, there are some points and offers to avoid, advised experts.


A 2019 TV model may be on sale, but consider choosing a TV from 2018 to score a lot, said analysts Wirecutter. The site indicates that the best deals for TVs are usually offered on Black Friday.


Items from a third-party seller

Many "lightning deals" offered during Prime Day came from third-party sellers. However, consumers should be wary of third-party sellers who could raise the price of an item to take advantage of the purchase event. Kristin Cook, managing editor of BensBargains.com, told MarketWatch that consumers should double-check prices with a tool such as The Tracktor, which checks how much the article is compared to the sale.

Technology products, such as laptops and game consoles

Need a new laptop? Spend the first day. The best deals for laptops are usually offered when back-to-school sales are underway, US News World & World Report.

At the same time, the experts said they were hesitant to buy a video game console and wait for Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday to consider this purchase. While shopping at the end of the year, many stores offer a game or gift card with the console, which is an added bonus for the product, said Kristin McGrath, Purchasing Expert at Offers.com at MarketWatch.



Avoid buying toys for your child or grandchild the first day. The best toy deals are given weeks just before Christmas, when most are in stock and on sale.

Bundled offers

Of course, a bundle may look great, but take a closer look. Do you need everything in this package or just one thing? Will you use the whole package? Wirecutter analysts have stated that a consumer should not just be blinded by a global deal, but also look at what he buys and determine when he will use all the items. If not, consider saying no to the set.

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