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Amazon Prime members can now set a weekly delivery day

To use the new Amazon feature, look for the Amazon Day option on your next purchase. Once it appears, you can select the day of the week you want all your belongings to arrive. Instead of shipping a product as soon as you buy, Amazon will stack all the orders you want to deliver on the day of your choice and bring them to your door in one trip.

Your future orders will only be delivered on Amazon's day if you choose this option. Otherwise, you can ship the packages in the usual way if you can not wait. In addition, you will usually have to wait at least two days from the date you place your order. Do not try to play with the system by setting your Amazon day as Friday and filling your basket on Thursday. Most items eligible for a two-day shipment Prime will be shipped on Amazon's day.

Amazon started testing this feature at the end of last year by invitation only, but has now opened the Amazon Day feature to all Prime members. The initiative seems to be part of Amazon's attempt to reduce its environmental impact. The company plans to make half of its deliveries carbon neutral by 2030.

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