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Amazon responds after the "almost killed" delivery driver of Ice-T


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Ice-T has some tips for Amazon.

The rapper went on Twitter Tuesday to blame the e-commerce giant for failing to clearly indicate who his drivers were.

"Message to Amazon: Now that you have normal people doing your home deliveries … Maybe they should wear a vest with AMAZON DELIVERY on … sayin," Ice-T tweeted.

Amazon Customer Service Account Quickly responded, asking the rapper to share details about the incident on a support page of the company.

Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of Global Operations for Amazon, also replied to Ice-T's tweet.

"Just say … thanks for the suggestion," Clark wrote. "We, MF & # 39; ing, love you and our drivers.Many innovations come to add to what already exists and many already exist to help you track your parcel and its delivery on a map. To be a customer. "

Subcontractors who deliver packages as part of Amazon Flex are not required to wear the uniform, but they can use an item called Virtual ID on their phone to confirm their identity.

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First publication on May 22 at 3:14 pm PT.
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