Amazon's new movie strategy includes 30 releases per year


Movies that reach large screens may not stay as long as you usually do. Salke informed Variety that Amazon was looking at a "variety of windows", clarifying in Hollywood Reporter that you would see "less than the window of three months" common to theatrical appearances. The internet giant may sometimes want to convert movies to premium video relatively quickly, up to two weeks away, while others may spend their time reaching a local audience.

Salke pointed out that Amazon was still focused on filming "great movies for service" and that he wanted to avoid the impression that these movies were "in a factory". He wants the titles to stand out. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Amazon wants to blitz on its rivals and acquire movies before them. He spent a lot of money at Sundance, buying many promising titles and leaving competitors like Netflix with more modest offers. Even if you do not see this pattern repeat every year, Amazon will be clearly ready to open its wallet.

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