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Amazon's Project Zero Will Allow Brands to Remove False Product Lists

Amazon announced today a new initiative called Project Zero, a new effort by the online retailer to eliminate fake products from the site. Once approved, brands that join Project Zero will be able to flag and self-publish counterfeit products on Amazon.

Previously, companies that had seen fake versions of their products had to submit a request to Amazon, which would evaluate the claim and remove it, much like the process of removing copyright from YouTube. Now, however, the companies that are part of Project Zero will have the power to delete products without Amazon's approval, marking a radical change in the way the company has handled this process.

There is an oversight – Project Zero, for the moment, is an invitation-only program, so only brands chosen by Amazon will be allowed to join and delete lists. Amazon claims to be empowering brands because it believes that "the combined forces of Amazon and brands can help bring down counterfeits," but also notes that "brands must maintain a high level of accuracy to maintain their Project Zero privileges." ". The company will also require Project Zero users to complete the required training and indicate that it will conduct active monitoring to prevent abuse.

In addition to giving businesses the power to remove fake ads, Amazon is also deploying two other components of Project Zero. There is an enhanced automated protection system, in which companies provide Amazon with their logos, trademarks, and other brand information, which Amazon then uses to analyze its listings and remove fake products.

In addition, Amazon offers an optional product serialization service to companies that want them to insert a unique Amazon serial code on their in-process products, which will allow Amazon to digitize and confirm the authenticity of a product. given product before leaving a warehouse. Unlike the automated copy protection system and the self-service delete card option, which are free for brands accepted by Project Zero, the serialization service will cost between $ 0.01 and $ 0.05 per copy. unit, depending on the volume.

While there is still no easy way to sign up for Project Zero, interested brands can visit Amazon's website to sign up for a waiting list.

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