AMD reportedly launched Navn 7nm GPUs on 7/7


AMD is ready to take flight at NVIDIA with its next generation Navi GPUs, which would have been launched in July with the first rumors and then the new rumor "it starts in October" surface that seems to be crushed with yet another rumor.

amd-rumored-launch-7 nm-navi-GPU-7_01

The latest on Navi is that it will be launched on July 7 and that AMD will use as many as 7 to launch Navi, with Navi arriving at 7 nm (one) and then the rumor of the launch of 7/7 (two, three). If AMD launches a mid-range "Navi 7" GPU, there could be four 7s, which would be quite AMD's case. Mid-range Navi GPUs will compete with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1160 Ti graphics card, which is about to be released, and with the other GTX 16 series cards, which I am sure , will be launched in the coming months.

It seems that AMD will launch its new range of Navi graphics cards at the Computex 2019 alongside the second generation Zen 2 architecture and the Ryzen 3000 processor series. This will be a big event for the Red team, which will have a series of new products to launch that will spark the enthusiasm of consumers and players.

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