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American Airlines Deletes the Boeing 737 Max from Timetable to November 2

The American Airlines Boeing 737 Max are parked in front of a maintenance hangar at Tulsa International Airport (TUL) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

Patrick T. Fallon | Bloomberg | Getty Images

American Airlines removed the Boeing 737 Max from its program until early November, the worldwide grounding of jet aircraft after two fatal accidents that disrupted air travel for much longer than expected.

American and its competitors who have Max planes in their fleets like United and Southwest have canceled thousands of flights during the summer season, the busiest time of year for airlines, with no end in sight.

Aviation regulators around the world immobilized aircraft in mid-March after two deadly collisions – one in Indonesia in October and another in Ethiopia in March, with a total of 346 fatalities.

United, which owns 14 Max planes in its fleet, announced Friday that it was pulling the planes out of its program and has canceled thousands of Max flights since the grounding that took place on Nov. 3.

Boeing developed a software patch for aircraft after the involvement of an onboard anti-stall system in both accidents. But officials have not said when they expect the planes to fly again, forcing airlines to struggle to cope with the strong demand for travel by consolidating some flights.

American said the withdrawal of planes from its schedule until November 2 would result in about 115 canceled flights a day. The Fort Worth-based airline had already scheduled the return of planes in early September, but CEO Doug Parker told employees last month that she was ready for the grounding to last longer.

Even when Boeing gets the permission to fly again, American will need 30 to 45 days to provide more than 4,000 Boeing 737 pilots with the additional training required.

American, who announced a profit on July 25, said Wednesday that the grounding had cost him $ 185 million in pre-tax income in the second quarter.

At least one American airline that did not operate the 737 Max-Delta – said it was beneficial because rivals, whose aircraft on the ground is struggling with blocked fleets.

American has 24 Boeing 737 Max aircraft in its fleet of more than 900 aircraft and orders 76 more.

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