American television host John Oliver proposes a solution to the omission of New Zealand on world maps


Comedian John Oliver offered tangible help to the rebellious New Zealanders to be left behind by countless maps of the world.

Comedian John Oliver offered tangible help to the rebellious New Zealanders to be left behind by countless maps of the world.

The famous American-British comedian John Oliver has proposed a solution to prevent New Zealand from being left out by the world maps.

Oliver, the animator of the humorous show Last week tonight, created a printed and self-adhesive image of New Zealand to add to the offending cards.

His Monday show (local time) was his first comeback after a break, and he was using it to discuss the Ikea homemade product chain selling a map without New Zealand.

The blunder has triggered social media groups like World Maps Without New Zealand, countless news articles and a New Zealand Tourism promotion with the #GetNZontheMap hashtag, featuring Premier Jacinda Ardern and the Prime Minister. actor Rhys Darby.

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Posted on Twitter after the show, Oliver suggested people print an image of New Zealand and "add it to any map that would need it".

Twitter users joked in return.

"Hush, leave us alone," wrote one person.

100% pure New Zealand

Rhys Darby, Ed Sheeran, Sir Peter Jackson and Jacinda Ardern appear in a new tourist ad in New Zealand.

"Thanks to Christ for that, I can stick it on the world map bag that I bought on weekends in New Zealand," wrote another.

This is not the first time Oliver has bribed news and political figures in New Zealand on his show.

Oliver exploded the pizza choices of former Prime Minister Bill English, took part in the debate on the flag, at Dildo-gate, at Ponytail-gate and at rapper Eminem's action against the National Party .

Speaking of his obsession with New Zealand during John Key's tenure as prime minister, Oliver said he was "deeply fascinated" by Key and the country for two reasons.

"The first is that New Zealand is a really interesting country, the second is that John Key is a very strange human being, it's like a clown car in a circus parade," he said. declared.

"The car itself is fascinating, but the clown is really what catches your eye, and John Key is nothing if it's a gigantic clown."

Earlier this month, Oliver said he was "truly disappointed," but missed the opportunity to lambate New Zealand about the saga of "unruly tourists."

"There was a British family of tourists terrorizing New Zealand, and [executive producer] Tim Carvell and I exchanged e-mails while leaving, "Actually, I'd like to be back to work," he told IndieWire.

Last week tonight is airing on HBO in the United States and New Zealand on SoHo 2.

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