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Amy Klobuchar defends the treatment of her staff, but says the force needed to deal with Putin

Klobuchar criticized reports of ill-treatment by her staff, claiming that she was able to act on the international scene as president, especially when she was dealing with the Russian president Vladimir Poutine.

"If you're a boss, you have to have high standards, and that's what I've always had, and that does not mean it's a popularity contest all the time." , she said. "And so, I have high standards for myself, high standards for our staff, and most of the time I will have high standards for the country."

She added, "We can always do better, and that means you want to be sure to listen to people if they feel that something is unfair or they feel bad about something. But I still think that it is necessary to demand a good product When you are on the world stage and you deal with people like Vladimir Putin, you want somebody tough, but somebody. one who demands answers and who will succeed, and that's what I've done all my life. "

Former staff members – almost all anonymously – have accused Klobuchar of having created a hostile work environment during his years in the Senate. Some complained about the way her office handled human resource issues, including paid family vacations, the Klobuchar office requiring employees to take 12 weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave to stay in the office three times when they return. This policy has since been abandoned.

According to Legistorm, a site that tracks Capitol Hill's workforce, the environment has allowed Klobuchar to achieve the highest annual turnover in the Senate, 36% between 2001 and 2016.

Klobuchar was rid of the idea that the turnover of his office made him similar to President Donald Trump, whose White House had experienced a significant turnover. Although the senator did not say that the treatment of her staff was sexist, she suggested that journalists ensure that the treatment of male candidates is the same as that of female candidates.

"I'm responsible for myself," she says. "I think the media will have to decide as they go down this road and other candidates join the race and hear that people are tough. or push people, they will have to ask men the same questions they ask women, and it will be in the media. "

Klobuchar announced his 2020 campaign at a snowy and icy outdoor event in February, bringing the senator to three terms in the densely populated and growing circle of Democrats seeking to run against Trump.

Klobuchar's announcement was distinct: Snow covered the ground around her, covering her head while she announced her candidacy.

Trump, looking clearly at the announcement, responded to Klobuchar's event by tweeting "Amy Klobuchar announced that she was running for president, speaking with pride of the fight against global warming in a a real storm of snow, ice and freezing temperatures, bad time, the end of her speech, she looked like a snowman! "

Klobuchar reacted quickly.

"I wonder how your hair would do in a snowstorm," she tweeted, adding a snowman's emoji.

The exchange mimics how Klobuchar told CNN that she would like to deal with Trump, if she won the Democratic nomination.

"You have to run against him, from the front, of course," she said. "But you too … do not dwell on all rabbit terriers, because if you lose sight of your optimistic economic agenda, the voters who want to know what you're meant for and not just against you, they do not are not shaken, and one of the things he's trying to do is encourage people to talk about what he's talking about that day. "

She added, "Sometimes you answer him, especially when he sets out core values ​​or says things that divide the country, but sometimes you do not answer him at all, let him go and rant, and the third is sometimes do it with humor, which I did on the day of my announcement. "

The reality for Klobuchar, however, is that she is far more likely to be able to work with Trump than many other Democratic candidates who ran left in their candidacy for 2020. Klobuchar is touted to be a pragmatic leader willing to work with Republicans whenever she could, pointing out that the president had signed a series of bills she had worked on.

This has led Klobuchar to be widely regarded as the Democratic Republican's favorite Senate, with a number of lawmakers to his right boasting for his 2020 announcement.

For Klobuchar, the reason is simple: "I have looked at the results, but that does not mean that I agree with them.In fact, I disagree with a lot of things." But j & # 39; I have tried to work on the other side of the civilian way for a major reason and that is to do better for our country ".

Does this mean that Klobuchar, who has said to identify himself as a progressive, will brag about these rave quotes from Republicans?

"Good," Klobuchar said with a laugh. "I will not present their quotes at each place."

Klobuchar concluded the interview wondering why she had embarked on politics: her daughter.

"Do you think you would run for the presidency without the girl," Harlow asked.

"I do not think so, because that is how I got into politics," she said, pointing out that one of her first political fights was to force the companies to go into politics. insurance to allow women to spend more than 24 hours in hospital after delivery. "It really attracted me to the public service, because I did one, nobody else spoke, except for a few other mothers through And two, you can really get things done, you can actually win. "

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