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Amy McGrath looks at Kavanaugh vote – in 1 day

Amy McGrath

The reversal of Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath took only 36 hours after her incumbent bid for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. | Photo AP / Timothy D. Easley, File

The Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate, Amy McGrath, announced Wednesday that she was supporting Judge Brett Kavanaugh for several hours.

McGrath, who this week announced a challenge to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, tweeted that she would have opposed the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court several hours after telling a local newspaper that she would have probably supported it.

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"I was asked earlier today about Justice Brett Kavanaugh and I answered on the basis of his competence to sit on the Supreme Court, but after careful consideration and understanding of his case. I would have voted no, "tweeted McGrath Wednesday night.

Later, she added, "I know I have disappointed a lot today with my initial response on how I would have voted on Brett Kavanaugh. I will make mistakes and always recognize them. The priority is to defeat Mitch McConnell. "

These tweets came several hours after The Courier – Journal of Louisville published an interview with McGrath in which she said she had concerns about Kavanaugh, but that she probably would have supported it.

She stated during the interview that she was "very concerned about Judge Kavanaugh, what I felt was the far right positions that he had", but that "nothing in his file would not disqualify him in any way. "

The newspaper questioned McGrath about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's allegation that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her while she was in high school. Ford examined the allegation in detail at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee last year, and Kavanaugh vehemently denied it before the same Senate committee. McGrath said that she found Ford's testimony "credible", but that "given the time that has elapsed between and from a judicial point of view, I do not think that this would really disqualify him. "

"You know, I think with Judge Kavanaugh, yes, I probably would have voted for him," she said.

McGrath's initial support for Kavanaugh on Wednesday was at odds with some of her critics during her campaign in the 2018 House of Representatives. Last July, before the charges against her, she said she feared for Kavanaugh and that, even though he was about to confirm it, "we are cruelly reminded that the elections have consequences, and this consequence will be with us for a whole generation. In October, she published the day before the Kavanaugh's final vote: "Elections matter. "

McConnell previously referred to the Kavanaugh nomination as "the most important thing my life was involved in" and the confirmation of fairness will likely be at the center of McConnell's re-election campaign next year.

The overthrow of McGrath came just 36 hours after the start of his candidacy against McConnell. In her first 24 hours as a candidate, her campaign had raised $ 2.5 million, said Wednesday, almost as much as the $ 3 million raised by McConnell in the second quarter of this year. year.

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