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An 11-year-old boy fights an intruder with a machete

WFMY news station on how he fought a domestic invader with a machete (Screen Capture / WFMY)

The 11-year-old boy was hidden behind his bedroom door when he heard a stranger enter his home at Mebane, Nc.

Braydon Smith was alone at home, as he told WFMY, and the burglar was quick to find him. The intruder opened the door and pointed a pellet gun at him, and "told me to sit down and enter my closet," said Braydon, "And I did that." But Braydon began to worry. And if the invader returned? And if he removed it?

"I knew I had to act in the heat of the moment," he told ABC11.

So he grabbed his machete.

The slugger had bought it with gift cards and generally used it to cut down trees, he told ABC 11. But now, he was slipping into his living room as an intrepid Kevin McAllister, waiting for the opportunity to hit. He arrived when he saw the intruder let go of the boy's cell phone.

"That's when I took my machete and hit it in the back of my head," he said.

The plan worked. The suspect, later identified as Jataveon Dashawn Hall, 19, was bleeding heavily from Braydon's groundhead. He kicked Braydon to the belly and side of the head as the 11-year-old took a run-up and missed him, the Orange County Sheriff's Office announced on Friday. communicated. Hall attempted to seize a PlayStation and television, but stumbled, realizing how badly he had been injured, the sheriff said. He escaped through the door of a car vanishing.

The lawsuit seemed easy enough when Hall showed up at the hospital for medical treatment a few hours later. Instead, the story of the heroic exploits of the 11-year-old girl was temporarily spoiled after Hall left the hospital Friday night, leading to a two-day manhunt.

Finally, Hall was taken back to his mother's apartment in Burlington, northwest on Sunday afternoon, and charged with breaking and entering, kidnapping, assaulting a man. child under 12 years and interference in emergency communications. But his brief escape from the hospital prompted the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the University of North Carolina Medical Center to try to understand how a suspect escaped so easily.

"It was infuriating," ABC11's Braydon mother, Kaitlin Johnson, who lives off-state, told ABC11. "I have so many questions."

Johnson said that she was on the phone with her son on Friday morning when he told her that an unknown car had just entered the driveway and that strangers were heading to the door. Johnson said she had summoned a family member to call 911 when her son understood that a man – allegedly Hall – had broken into the house. "It was horrible," she told ABC11.

Hall and two other unidentified suspects took off before the police could get there.

Bleeding at the back of the head, Hall entered about two hours later at the University of North Carolina Hospital in Hillsborough at 1 pm. Friday. Hospitals were warned to look for a man matching his description who would suffer from a head injury – and the UNC hospital staff immediately informed the sheriff's office of the arrival of Hall .

Hall's condition worsened throughout the afternoon and was transferred to Chapel Hill University Hospital, about 20 minutes south. According to the sheriff's office, it was expected that hospital staff would inform deputy ministers of the date on which Hall would be ready to be released so that he could be arrested.

But this call has never happened, the sheriff says now. Instead, nearly 10 hours passed before the police realized Hall was gone.

A Sergeant from Orange County learned this by calling the hospital to ask him what the status of Hall was at 5:53 on Saturday. About half an hour later, the hospital police called him back to inform him that Hall had "left the hospital against the advice of a doctor Friday around 8 pm The nurse wrote in her notes that Hall "needed to leave because the police would pick him up." He left, looking bright, wearing a hospital gown with blue socks and a bandage around his head, carrying a cup of water.

"When Hall left the hospital Friday night against the advice of a doctor, we certainly should have been warned," the sheriff said in a statement. "But the most disturbing thing is that the hospital police did not even know that Hall had left the scene almost 10 hours ago. Indeed, the absence of Hall was discovered only when we phoned them. "

Hospital officials could not be contacted for a comment late Sunday, but told CNN in a statement that the hospital's emergency department was slammed Friday night – and their primary role was medical care , not the work of the police. The hospital also noted that the Orange County Sheriff's Office has not assigned any deputies to the Hall Hospital Chamber.

"We believe that this situation highlights the problem that nurses and emergency department physicians can not be both caregivers and law enforcement officials," said L & # 39; 39, hospital in a statement. "Our nurses and doctors spend 100% of their time providing patient care – it's their job."

Hall was detained Sunday at his mother's home after Burlington police received anonymous information that he had fled the hospital. He is currently incarcerated at the Orange County Detention Center with a $ 100,000 security and is awaiting a court hearing on Monday. No lawyer could be found for him.

Braydon has already returned to his usual routine, telling the local media that he was not afraid throughout this ordeal.

Braydon's father, Christopher Smith, told the FMYM that his son had only one concern after the robbery. "It was like," Can I still play baseball? Can I go home to get my uniform? Smith said. "I was like," Heck yeah, dude. Going. "

The 11-year-old told his father that his father had prepared him for action in case of home invasion after burglary several years ago, teaching him to "stay calm ", He told the TV channel.

The boy had a message for parents: "Always have your children prepared for everything." He also had a message to the intruder.

"You should not have done what you did," Braydon told ABC 11. "You'd better find a job than forcibly entering other people's homes."

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