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An alleged fire in Brooklyn had a tattoo reminding him to "kill" the rabbi

The Pennsylvania man arrested for allegedly torching the home of a Brooklyn rabbi on Thursday had so inflamed the religious leader that he tattooed a reminder on his forearm to ask him never to let go of the HATRED and kill the rabbi.

Police arrested Karelefsky of McKeesport, Pennsylvania on Sunday and charged him with arson and two counts of attempted murder for setting fire to Rabbi Jonathan Max's home in Midwood early. Thursday. Hell jumped into two nearby buildings and left 13 wounded.

According to the pictures reviewed by The Post, the ink reads: "Never give up the HATRED – KILL Rabbi Max YEMACH SHMO" – last words, a sentence from Hewbrew calling for the obliteration of the Rabbi's name.

Matthew Karelefsky, a 2018 social media member, says the rabbi assaulted him.

"It's nonsense," Rabbi Max told the Post on Sunday. "I have his own explanation – it's as crazy as you can imagine."

Karelefsky accused the rabbi of the dissolution of his marriage in a "memory" of 30,646 words posted on Facebook in 2016.

Nowhere in the jagged story of his life – which includes personal details about how he started to masturbate and wished one day that his own son would stop in front of a bus – Karelefsky did not he accused of molestation the rabbi, according to a copy of the cope obtained by the post office.

"Basically, he feels like I cheated on him – he thought so much about me and I turned on [him]Said Max. "In a way, he understood that I was a key figure – which he was terribly wrong. It's me who told him not to divorce.

Karelefsky and his wife Inna divorced shortly after August 2010, according to the message, which was not available on Sunday. In another part of the screed, Karelefsky admits that he is "addicted" to the "crisis / drama" and claims to have threatened to kill himself on Facebook to get his attention.

"To save you many years, I wrote purposely on FaceBook in 2012 that I was going to cut my wrists. I wanted to be stopped by the police and taken to the psychiatric hospital, "he wrote.

Karelefsky was waiting to be tried Sunday by the Brooklyn Criminal Court.

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