An alleged Russian agent is about to reach an agreement with prosecutors

The lawyers of Maria Butina, the woman alleged to be a Russian agent by US prosecutors, are about to reach an agreement with US lawyers, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday, citing a case.

The court documents showed Butina's lawyers were asking that the filing deadlines be set aside so that his lawyers and US prosecutors could develop a "final agreement," according to Bloomberg.

Butina was charged in July with failing to be registered as a foreign agent and conspiracy to play the role of an unregistered foreign agent. She pleaded not guilty at the time and is currently in solitary confinement, according to her lawyers.

Judge Tanya Chutkan of the US District Court granted a joint request by Butina's lawyers and prosecutors earlier this month to postpone a status conference on the case on December 19, citing the progress made. in the development of an agreement.

Earlier this year, US lawyers claimed Butina was at risk of flight because her main relationship was in Russia and she would probably leave her alleged boyfriend living in the United States and flee the country if she was released.

"All of Butina's known personal connections, with the exception of the US citizens she tried to exploit and influence, reside in the Russian Federation," a prosecutor wrote in July.

"Because Butina has been exposed as the illegal agent of Russia, she runs the serious risk of appealing to those of the government with whom she conspired to help her escape states. -United."

Her lawyers told the court this week that her treatment in solitary confinement was having an adverse effect on Butina's mental health.

"The undersigned are of the opinion that a prolonged deprivation of human contact and interaction is beginning to have a profound psychological impact on Ms. Butina," they said.

"Unless the court intervenes, she will continue to be detained in this manner and will eventually require the attention of mental health professionals."

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