An employee of Weber County proposes to the Tremonton family to be the subject of a viral video

Four days after a Tremonton family posted a video of a Weber County employee berating them at a campground, another employee stepped in to help.



  1. I see a lot commitment about his taking Mexican family money I would charge the family to tow them into town. gasoline is not free why would tow cost.

  2. There’s good people of all shapes and sizes…as a Hispanics, some of the kindest people have been white…

  3. Heavy D helped with the family by providing one of his best diesel trucks and donating parts.

  4. Thank You Weber county ……

  5. The only I can say I don't like nobody talk to me like that is hard to not b mean when someone talk to you like that I think I can get in a fight with that fat boy we are are your neighbors I don't know why you guys have so much hate to Mexican people we are not your enemies you're enemies they are from different continent not from this continent

  6. What a miserable cocksucker! The county should have not take responsibility for the actions of this pathetic piece of shit, but it was very nice of them. This looks like a scene out of the movie Deliverance.

  7. Hey Wyatt try talking to me like that bitch boy!!!!! Fuckin inbred mothafucker!!!!

  8. Ya sabemos que hay por ahí Jente como está eso lo sabemos desde que pisamos este maravilloso país y sabemos también que la Mayoría son Jente amable y quiero que sepan qué desde que salimos de nuestros países cada uno de nosotros vivimos experiencias desagradables pero eso nos ha hecho más fuertes ! Cuando vallan a México todos serán bien recibidos Bendiciones para todos. ?

  9. He only wants to help now because he was publicly embarrassed. If this video had not gone viral, he would never offer to help. You know it's true!

  10. She should be fired for being anti American

  11. That’s the way these guy making America great again. I don’t think so. Our prime purpose in these life is to help others. And If you can’t help them. At least don’t hurt them. We’re Hispanic and for sure we will help others with out money. And thanks Heavy D for everything you did to help Jose God bless you

  12. Screw That administrative leave BS.. FIRE that PUNK, what a loser

  13. Why dont you pray for the guy that did that to the family instead of hating.

  14. So, are they illegals or legals?? That's what i want to know. If they are the former, then they should pay back all of the tax money and services they stole from American citizens.

  15. Do that to a cubanamerican like me….. he would not have talked too much

  16. Fat fuck needs his ass beat.

  17. Fucking dirt bag , glad Weber county step up and put the bite on his ass

  18. Europe didn’t send their best!

  19. But did he apologize? Cuz SHE said sorry to them. Not him

  20. This makes me sick. A person in need is a person in need. Do on to others as you want done on to you.

  21. ?????????Ok people this guy is an asshole but he never once insulted them for being Hispanic I’m latin myself people are out to make others seem racist for no damn reason to have an agenda because if someone put man screams at Spanish peaking people to me that sounds like the tittle is catchy because people are out to view more of those people… I seen far worse people here in YouTube assaulting and terrorizing others but because they are black or Latin it doesn’t go viral, people need to realize asshole come from anywhere black, whites, Latins, Asians but misleading tittles making people seem that they are racist and put tittle to make them seem racist is not a cool tactic it just feed to the divide and hatred in this country

  22. There's bad apples in every tree. Stop pushing this because he's "Mexican" or because he's "white" crap. This guy is just a poor excuse of a man/human being period.

  23. My INBRED White Americans were told not to Help Mexicans! Wtf was he doing before he was in on the Video? banging his own sister in tha back of his own truck? smh that INBRED idiot

  24. Just more fucking liberal fascist socialist propaganda bullshit. Nobody does anything for free everything comes with a price. That guy didn't even have to offer to help them at all. They should of called a tow truck fucking stupid millennials.

  25. The county and Heavy D will make things right. This fat f$&k will get what’s coming to him.