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An infant died after being left in a hot Florida pickup truck

Police responded to a call about a baby who was not responding to Ewing Love and Hope preschools at around 1pm. The child was found in a car seat inside the van. She was transported to the hospital where she died.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Deputy Chief of Major Crimes, Brian Kee, told CNN that preliminary information indicated that she remained in the van around 8:00 am until she arrived at the police station. ;call.

Temperatures in the region reached up to 92 degrees Wednesday, according to CNN weather forecaster Dave Hennen.

Kee stated that the daycare used the pickup truck to pick up children in the morning and that it was up to the babysitter to make sure all the children came out of the van.

According to the center's website, it opened in 2015 and offers programs ranging from after-school childcare for school-aged children to babysitting infants from 6 weeks old.

CNN called the establishment. The person who responded had no comments.

The center supports about 14 children and no one has been injured, Kee said.

On average, 38 children die each year in hot cars, according to the Kids and Cars Safety Organization. It's about a death every nine days. Last year, the number of deaths was highest with 52 deaths. Between 1998 and 2018, Florida had the second highest number of deaths with 88, according to NoHeatStroke.org.

The investigation is ongoing and charges could be filed once the case file is submitted to the prosecutor's office, according to Kee.

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