Iowa coach, Fran McCaffery, will play the rest of the season with nine fellow players.
Chad Leistikow, Hawk Central

Gary Dolphin, longtime radio host in Iowa, has been suspended from the next two men's basketball competitions critical comments inadvertently broadcast during Hawkeye's victory against Pitt on Tuesday.

The announcement was made by Learfield Sports Properties, which broadcasts sports events in Hawkeye.

Dolphin, in his 22nd season as a play-by-play announcer, apologized after Tuesday's match, when he learned that his words during a commercial break had been heard by listeners of the radio.

Dolphin was talking with his television partner, former Hawkeye player, Bobby Hansen, about the quality of his freshmen guards.

"How can we not have someone like that?" Said Dolphin. "It's just year after year after year. Go get a quality item like this. Just get one! They have three or four.

Hansen, who was not suspended, seemed to agree with Dolphin and said, "Go get a key item like this."

But Dolphin aggravated the situation by distinguishing Maishe Dailey, the junior guard from Iowa. Dailey had four points and a turnover on Tuesday.

"We have Maishe Dailey," Dolphin said in a tone of disgust. "Dribble in a double team with your head down, God."

After the game, Dolphin said: "We want them to win so badly, we are sometimes frustrated when they do not play well in some parts."

Iowa has pulled together to beat Pitt 69-68 and remain undefeated this season. The No. 15 Hawkeyes open the Big Ten Conference at 7 pm Thursday at home against Wisconsin before heading to the state of Michigan for 17:30. Monday game. Learfield will announce the replacement of Dolphin for these games later.

Iowa Sports Director, Gary Barta, was made aware of Dolphin's comments during the match and a statement was ready to be released as soon as it would be finished and that he would "rate" comments "after listening to the audio.

In a press release on Wednesday, Barta said, "Gary knows that we are extremely disappointed by the comment he's made on Maishe Dailey and the impact that his remark has had on our players and our staff. . The suspension of two games is the result of these comments, as well as persistent tensions that have accumulated over the past two years. This time, away from the microphone, you will have the opportunity to sort out some of these issues. I really appreciate the time and energy spent by Gary to promote the Hawkeye Athletics. "

Dolphin is also the football voice of Iowa. He hosts weekly invitation programs for Hawkeye football coach Kirk Ferentz and men 's basketball coach Fran McCaffery.

"Unfortunately, we encountered a technical error at the center of our network's broadcast operations, which allowed for off-line commentary during part of the first half of the commercial break," said Tom Boman, Vice President of Learfield. , responsible for broadcast operations. "We have carefully examined the situation in our broadcast operations center to ensure that this does not happen again, and we have also communicated closely with Gary Barta and his administration, with the entire broadcast team and our staff. Local Hawkeye Sports Properties. "

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