Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson tackles his controversial post on Instagram where he seems to be making fun of actor Terry Crews for being a victim of sexual assault, claiming that he had written "LOL", which means "that's a joke". (June 29)

Rapper 50 Cent fires at a New York Police Department commander who is under investigation for allegedly telling police to "shoot him at sight" last year .

The New York Daily News and TMZ report that Assistant Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez made a comment in June 2017 before the NYPD-sanctioned boxing match in which rapper "Get Rich or Die Tryin". had to attend. The Daily News reports that the remark has since been taken up as a joke.

Sgt. Jessica McRorie confirmed in the US TODAY that "the case is being reviewed internally".

50 Cent, born in New York under the name of Curtis Jackson, did not take the accusations lightly, triggering a series of Instagram posts targeting Gonzalez.

"I take this threat very seriously and consult with my legal counsel regarding my options for going forward," wrote the rapper on Instagram. "I'm afraid the NYPD has not informed me before about this threat."

In another message, 50 Cent identified the agent, saying New York was not "safe". "This guy, Emanuel Gonzales, is a dirty cop who abuses his power, which is sad, that this man always has a badge and a gun," he wrote.

The rapper's legal team resumed his remarks in a statement to USA TODAY.

"Mr. Jackson takes this threat very seriously and is currently consulting his lawyer to define his options," said lawyer Stephen J. Savva. "He fears that the NYPD has never informed him of this threat and even more so that Gonzalez continues to wear a badge and a gun."

Curtis' 50 Cent & Jackson. (Photo11: JC Olivera, Getty Images)

It seems that this is not the first case of bad blood between 50 Cent and Gonzalez. The NYPD had previously investigated 50 Cent for threatening the officer last May after the rapper had used his slogan "get the strap" on Instagram. In the end, no charges were filed.

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