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An officer who mocked a woman on Snapchat is sent back to Detroit

Chief James Craig said Wednesday that officer Gary Steele had been charged with 24 charges, 11 of which were confirmed.

"The former police officer Steele has lost the trust of those he has served," said the chief.

The allegations that were held fall into three areas: the post-incident on social media, the inappropriate characterization of a community member and Steele knowingly making false statements during interviews. investigation, said Craig.

CNN reached out to Steele without success. He had served a paid suspension.

The former officer, who was with his partner on the night of January 30, is accused of posting to Snapchat remarks mocking a motorist returning home after being arrested for a registration. expired and her vehicle impounded.

The partner has also been suspended and will face a disciplinary hearing next week, the chief said.

CNN also contacted the Detroit Police Officers Association after hours and did not receive an immediate response.

The woman's vehicle was towed and, as she was returning home in the cold, the former officer – then Corporal – had posted a video on Snapchat saying "Goodbye, Felicia."

Steele, who was an 18-year-old veteran, offered him a ride, Craig said earlier this month, but she declined.

The video also included a filter "Celebrate Black History Month", with the caption "What does the magic of black girls look like," reported CNN's WXYZ affiliate. Craig said that the former officer had used these terms and others repeatedly.

Craig said the results of the internal investigation would be forwarded to county attorneys for review. He added that the department was reviewing other staff members in the compound where Steele was working to identify systemic issues to be addressed.

The chief said several weeks ago that the city had paid for the woman's towage.

"The family certainly had concerns about what they should pay to get their car out and the city paid for it because we think the way this young woman was treated is inappropriate," he said. declared. "I spoke directly to the mother, apologized and informed her that we were going to release this vehicle."

Amir Vera, Janet DiGiacomo and Madeline Holcombe of CNN contributed to this report.

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