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An Ohio mother jailed for a school exchange following a school fraud scandal

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By Mary Pflum

At first glance, it does not seem that Kelley Williams-Bolar has much in common with the actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, actresses involved in the scandal of admissions to universities. The 48-year-old single mother works as a teaching assistant at a high school for disabled students in Akron, Ohio, far from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

However, she says, she knows what it's like to do something dishonest to give her children a better education. And she knows what it means to be arrested and appear before a judge for illegally trying to give her children a better future.

In 2011, Williams-Bolar was jailed for falsifying the home address of his daughters, so that they could go to school in a better neighborhood than the one for which they had been zoned in. the city center.

"I wanted them to get a good start in life," Williams-Bolar said. "I wanted to send them to one of the best schools. What I did was not in the best interest of my daughters. "

In 2009, Williams-Bolar used his father's address as his own so that his daughters, then aged 12 and 9, could go to school in the Copley Fairlawn School District, a an affluent and largely white school district.

His father suggested using his address, said Williams-Bolar, as he lived in the district and wanted his grandchildren to have access to better education. The mother of two said that they did not know that they were breaking the laws until she received a postcard saying that she was indicted.

The case has attracted the attention of the national media. In the end, Williams-Bolar was found guilty of robbery and falsification of evidence. He was sentenced to ten days in jail, three years probation and a fine of $ 70,000.

"It was a nightmare," Williams-Bolar said of his time behind bars. "I read the Bible every day, every day. I was afraid to be there. I fell into a deep depression. "

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