An Overwatch switch port may have leaked via official merch


Overwatch is an incredibly successful title for Blizzard, bringing together more than 40 million players in its first two years. This number could be much higher with a port on Nintendo Switch, and its beautiful aesthetic would feel like home on the hybrid console. Blizzard has already indicated in the past that a Switch version is possible and that they would like to introduce the game to a new audience. Despite this, there was no official revelation. However, the news of a switch port may have leaked.

The case of Overwatch on Switch

The well-known PowerA device manufacturer recently released an Amazon list for a new black and yellow Switch box. Strangely, the case is wearing a Overwatch theme. Why create a special case for a game that is not on the platform? I suppose there is a (small) market for just about anything, but the description becomes more interesting. According to PowerA, this case is officially licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard. I could see a third-party company creating a custom-made case, why would Nintendo and Blizzard have licensed a product for a non-existent game?

It seems likely that we will soon see an official announcement for Overwatch on the switch. Just a few days ago we reported that GameStop had several new lists for the mystery Switch games. A Nintendo Direct could be imminent, and it would be the perfect place for Nintendo to release this unveiling. As fun as free-to-play paladins is, it would be good to finally have Overwatch on the switch.

Update: A few minutes after the publication of this article, the Amazon list has been removed. We have included a screenshot below as proof.


Overwatch Nintendo Switch port

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