Anaheim Ducks trolls Twitter account during the match


The Anaheim Ducks threw the Washington Capitals 5-2 on Sunday at the Honda Center.

The third-worst West Conference team tried to attract attention on Twitter, targeting their disdain for Capitals boss Tom Wilson.

I am not sure that he has landed.

For example, at the last minute of the second period, Wilson was penalized with a guardian interference penalty after being pushed back by Ryan Miller by Corey Perry.

The Ducks account tweeted this.

The answers were not pretty.

Later, the Ducks became more sassiers. After Jakob Silfverberg scored to give the Ducks a three-goal lead, Nick Ritchie and Wilson were dismissed from the match. Both agitators had a disagreement after the puck dropped. Ritchie would not let go of Wilson's stick.

Here's what the Ducks said.

This is further evidence that Wilson, having been suspended four times in the past two seasons, has a bad reputation and is considered an outcast by almost all NHL fans outside the DMV. Tom did not do anything particularly odious on either side, but the Ducks relied on Willy's track record to get noticed.

Good time!

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