And the Kardashian guest in the video 'Thank U, Next & # 39; from Ariana Grande is …

Ariana Grande

Kardashian Cameo in 'Thank U, Next & # 39; go to …

29/11/2018 16h36 PST


When Ariana Grande has recruited a Kardashian as guest star in his highly anticipated "Thank you U, Next"video clip, she went straight to the top … of the family tree.

Yes, TMZ learned Kris Jenner is the Kardashian mystery that has marked the cameo role. Take it, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall … and Rob.

As we announced for the first time … Ariana's musical video, which is a tribute to several famous films, dropped on Friday. the big question was that Kardashian that she had lined up to make their dance debut.

Ariana posted a behind-the-scenes teaser of making music video. Take a look to discover other famous cameos.

We admit it, you had to be one of the sisters who frequently posted what they had. Remember, they all received it from their mother, which could explain why Kris landed.

"Thank U, Next" has a ton of guests who help AG send out movies like "13 Going On 30", "Mean Girls", "Legally Blonde" and "Bring It On".

We do not know exactly in which Kris movie is projected … but our best guess is Amy Poehleris "Cool Mom" ​​of "Mean Girls".

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