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Andre 3000 found wandering around the airport playing the flute

André 3000 is probably one of the most elusive rappers in hip-hop, but he was recently seen by a passer-by playing the flute in the airport. No, it's not a joke.

On Friday, June 14, journalist Antonia Cereijido jumped on Twitter to inform her followers that she had seen Andre play the flute at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Initially, she was curious to know why a guy was playing an instrument for 40 minutes near his terminal. When she looked at him, she realized that it was the OutKast rapper.

"I saw a man walking around my terminal playing the flute for 40 minutes and I was losing my reason because I thought it was Andre 3000. And then it was André 3000 !!! "she tweeted.

Cereijido managed to take a picture with André and she also said that she had a brief interview with the rapper.

"Of course, I did not say anything good," she told a friend in another tweet. "Now, I'm like … I should have talked about the quality of his verse on" Solo. "And as my mother had a dream, he taught our family to dance the dance there and we had realized the American dream W / E NO REGRETS. "

Anyway, it's a good reminder that if you hear someone playing flute in the airport, it might be André 3000.

Check out the Andre 3000 photo shoot with a fan below.

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