André Previn, whose music knows no borders, dies at 89


Mr. Previn's first wife, Betty Bennett, was a singer he had seen in San Francisco jazz clubs. They had two daughters, Claudia and Alicia, and divorced in 1958.

His second marriage was with Dory Langan, a lyricist of MGM, who, after their separation, recorded several albums as a singer-songwriter under the name Dory Previn, many of which reflected their break-up and its consequences. They had a daughter, Lovely Previn, who became a violinist in the Irish band In Tua Nua. Dory Previn passed away in 2012.

Their divorce in 1970 was sparked by a highly publicized affair between Mr. Previn and actress Mia Farrow, who was a friend of hers. Finally, Ms. Farrow left her husband, Frank Sinatra, and married Mr. Previn. They had three children, Matthew and Sascha, who were twins, and Fletcher. They also adopted Summer Song, known as Daisy, and Soon-Yi, who married Woody Allen in 1997.

Mr. Previn's fourth wife was Heather Haines Sneddon. They had a son, Lukas, in 1984 and divorced in 1999, the year he wrote the violin concerto for Ms. Mutter. They got married in 2002 and divorced in 2006, but continued to play together.

"Do you know how people say their marriage did not work?", He said in 2017. "At home, divorce has not worked. It does not matter where we are, maybe she is in China and I am in Cincinnati, but we end up in. It's like being very good friends with a romantic story. "

Complete information about the survivors was not immediately available.

Mr. Previn seemed puzzled by the fact that critics continued to talk about his Hollywood background long after he began to focus mainly on classical music. "I have not done anything since the mid-1960s," he told the Times in 1991. "I think there is a limitation period here.

"When I go to teach at Tanglewood, kids do not know I did something else. Sometimes they watch a movie at the end of the show and they say, "Who is it?" And then, I must admit that the one who made the harp glissandres for Esther Williams was actually me. "

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