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Andrew McCabe says Mueller's report should result in dismissal

Former FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe, said he wanted an "immediate" indictment investigation to be based on what came out of Special Advocate Robert's report. Mueller.

"I think we are clearly there with the results of the team of legal advisers," he told CNN host Chris Cuomo on Thursday. "There are so many witnesses who could bring important vital testimony to Congress that we can only do it as part of a dismissal investigation."

McCabe, whom Attorney General Jeff Sessions had fired from the FBI in March 2018, made the remarks while a small part of the Democrats in the House called for the removal of President Trump and that President Nancy Pelosi of the D -Calif.

Pelosi said that if the impeachment failed, it could harm the chances of Democrats to continue after his resignation. However, McCabe stated that an investigation was warranted even though it did not result in impeachment or dismissal by the Senate.


"I think that the American people have the right to hear witnesses and to understand exactly the actions that the President has carried out, and he has the opportunity to incorporate this information into his decisions, his voting decisions, no matter what could happen, "he said. I said.

McCabe told CNN last February that he thought it was "possible". Trump was a Russian asset. He also rejected the Republicans' story that Mueller's report showed that Trump had committed no crime.


"What was presented as" no collusion, no obstruction "should probably be described as" no witch hunt "and" no exoneration, "" he told MSNBC in May. Mueller's report concluded neither with obstruction nor with conspiracy, but raised a number of problems that aroused the anxiety of the left.

Democrats have asked the administration to obtain more details about the investigation conducted by Russia and have given more power to the direction in the application of subpoenas.

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