Android Assault Cactus + arrives to spend March 8

An improved edition of the famous double-stick shooter.

Android Assault Cactus +

Android Assault Cactus +, an improved edition of the double-stick shooter released in 2015, will arrive at Switch on March 19th at Nintendo eShop for $ 19.99, announced developer Witch Beam. Pre-orders are available now and include a 25% discount. The game supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese language options.

Here is a preview of the game, via Witch Beam:

Android Assault Cactus + is an enhanced edition of the famous double-stick shooter, bringing everything Cactus is famous for the Switch, including the dynamic list of playable characters with unique loads, transforming scenes and a fluid chaos of 60 frames per second. This edition adds new character costumes, sighting assistance options and Campaign +, a completely reinvented version of the 25 step campaign.

Campaign + s address to experienced players by rebuilding each stage with new enemy waves and dynamic elements, using all the arsenal of the game to create new encounters and intensive boss fights. Veterans and newcomers will be able to go further than ever and have even more online rankings to conquer.

Thanks to the switch, Cactus + is not only playable at all times, but the simple Joy-Con support makes it a kid's game to play cooperation anywhere. With the aid of aiming, players focus on dodging, shooting and weapons management, thus keeping the heart of the experience even without twin joysticks. The aiming assist function also works with the Dual Joy-Con and Pro controllers, making it ideal for players learning the tricks of the trade or those wishing to rest. This is the perfect equalizer to gather friends as part of a four-player sofa cooperative.

Boss Rush and Infinity Drive give even more action to determined players, while Daily Drive gives them the opportunity to score a world record in a newly generated level. The Developer Comment, Jukebox and Sound Test modes are accompanied by a new movie gallery to revisit the cutscenes. Unlock new costumes for the nine androids and earn credits to activate EX options such as first-person mode, AI players and newly rebalanced MEGA weapons, more destructive than ever before.

Android Cactus Assault is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux.

Watch the Android Assault Cactus + ad trailer below.

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