Android Q Beta 2: Volume settings get a convenient contextual panel


Android Pie has redesigned the volume slider, but has also made it much more difficult to access call volume and notifications. In the second beta version of Android Q, Google facilitates access to these volume sliders with a new context menu.

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Just like in Pie and the first Android Q beta, adjusting the volume of your device only affects the volume of the media. To adjust the volume of calls, users have been forced to go to the settings menu.

However, Android Q promises to make it easier to adjust certain settings on the fly with contextual panels. We see this in action in the volume slider, because pressing the parameter shortcut brings up a new parameter pane with more volume control.

In this pop-up panel, users can quickly adjust the volume of media, calls, ring tones and alarms with four sliders. The panel simply appears on the application you have open, making the volume adjustment less intrusive compared to previous versions.

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