Android Q Beta 5 officially lands today. As expected, it does not bring a ton of changes or new features, representing the first so-called "candidate for publication" to allow developers to test their apps before the final release later this summer. There is a little new adjustments in Beta 5, however.

The activation angle gesture of the wizard (related to the new animation spotted yesterday) is now official. A new "peek" behavior for the back gesture will work best with apps that use sliding navigation drawers, as Google had revealed earlier. This gliding back to previously conflict with the triggering of this menu in many applications.

Google has also announced its intention to default transfer third-party launchers to the old three-button navigation system by default. (Google claims in beta 6, although the change was detected in an earlier version of beta 5.) maybe?) Land later this year. We will have more information on what all this means for consumers and developers later.

Developers interested in testing their applications can check the blog article for more details on the API changes and recommended features to implement in their applications for Android Q: items such as new biometrics and codecs, as well as the support for Dark Theme and gesture navigation. Consumers interested in trying out quickly are advised to read the release notes on known issues related to Beta 5, including certain location-related anomalies, strange behavior with dark mode, WebView issues and an Android Enterprise bug.

System image downloads for manual blinking are available and OTA downloads for side loading have also been released. Those who have not already registered in the Android Q Beta program can still register their devices. An update for Q Beta 5 should be released shortly. We will let you know when we will see the OTA hit by ourselves.