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Android Q Beta 5: Gesture navigation continues to improve

Before the release of Beta 5 this afternoon, one of the biggest changes seen in Android Q as a whole was the new gesture navigation. With the beta 5, it is clear that the gestures have been the focus of Google, as shown in the final product.

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"Gesture Navigation" takes a simpler name

A minor but welcome change from Google in version 5 of Gesture Navigation is to call it as it is. The system is no longer called "fully gestural navigation", but simply "gestural navigation". Just to explain which version you are using, it is a step in the right direction for the platform, especially since 2-button "Pill" gestures are not recommended.

Animations are more fluid than ever

Adding to the positive aspects of this version, gesture navigation seems more fluid. There are fewer janky or flashguns with Android Q Beta 5 compared to previous versions. This improvement is particularly evident in the multitasking menu and in the sweep to get home.

Access to your recent apps from the home screen also looks more reliable. Meanwhile, hitting an icon on the home screen after simply exiting an app runs pretty quickly now. In Beta 4, the animation had yet to finish completely.

Better still, the gesture to access Google Assistant is smoother and still works. It was one of the least reliable gestures in Android Q's new navigation. So I'm glad it's finally working fine.

Despite the advantages, there is a negative point in this update. The gesture navigation settings of Android Q Beta 5 sometimes seem to slow the gesture of the back considerably. In my side-by-side testing with Beta 4, I often saw a dramatic difference between the two. On other occasions, however, the moment would be the same. I do not know exactly why, but it's pretty annoying. If all goes well, it's something that can just be attributed to a beta being a beta.

Apart from that one potential Negative, Android Q Beta 5 makes a dramatic difference in the overall refinement of Gesture Navigation. From the simplest name to the best animations, everything is a step in the right direction.

Now, Google just needs to focus on how the back gesture affects applications.

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