The new gesture navigation of Android Q is a big step forward from the two-button navigation bar introduced in Pie, but there are still some problems to solve. In particular, the back gesture interferes with the drag option to open for the side menus. Google has promised a solution in the form of a preview gesture, but that still seems very incomplete from the beta 5. However, this version adds a two-fingered scan to the side of the game. screen to open these menus as difficult to use as it may seem.

This gesture poses two main problems that do not seem absolutely ready for production. First and foremost, its use is delicate. For example, the two-finger swipe on the notification bar to completely expand the mosaics of quick setup parameters requires either an inch or two fingers of the other hand, which is not very frustrating, much more than 39 stretching or awkward grip change. Whatever it is, it ends up being a two-handed operation.

Secondly, sometimes the two-finger movement triggers the back gesture and potentially throws you out of the app that you are currently using. It's impossible to predict when this happens, and if so, the only way to prevent Android from triggering the return command is to carefully move your fingers up to their starting point.

Sometimes it works, but above all it does not work.

It is debatable whether the gesture is supposed to work as it does at the beginning or if it is linked to the official option chosen which should also allow you to open a drawer despite the gesture of the back. So, the gesture could be cast before the next update of the beta and could only become a bug. Whatever it is, it is neither an elegant nor intuitive solution at all, so I would not miss it if it disappeared.