Android WARNING: A terrifying malware discovered on the Google Play Store

Android users are alerted to a frightening variety of malware discovered on Google Play Store apps.

Android is one of the most used software, with more than two billion devices running the Google mobile operating system each month.

Android has been the subject of much-publicized security alerts, such as the Judy malware campaign, which has infected up to 36.5 million devices.

These Android phones have been attacked via dozens of apps located on the Google Play Store.

And now, Android users are once again alerted to the presence of malware discovered on Google Play Store apps.

Security researchers have discovered a dangerous source of malware in up to 25 Google Play apps.

The malware has been dubbed Exodus and has terrifying capabilities that can root devices and benefit from advanced spying features.

Exodus was not only able to collect phone numbers and send them to external servers, but could also seriously compromise a device after it was obtained.

With these phones, Exodus was able to extract passwords, chat logs, contact details as well as create local audio and video recordings.

For root devices, Exodus used a exploit called DirtyCOW, which was corrected by Google in 2016.

So any newly updated phone is happily immune to this, with Exodus then limited to collecting data available for other applications.

The existence of Exodus has been revealed in an online publication after a survey of Security without Borders and the motherboard.

After the discovery of Exodus last month, it was revealed that Exodus had also been spread on iOS devices.

The malware was released via phishing sites after the Apple Developer Enterprise program was "mistreated".

In an online publication, Lookout, a computer security company, said, "For the past year, Lookout researchers have been tracking Android and iOS monitoring software, which can extract contacts, audio recordings, photos, and Location, etc.

"As mentioned earlier, some versions of Android malware were present in the Google Play Store.

"The iOS versions were available outside the App Store, via phishing sites, and abused the Apple Developer Enterprise program. "

Apple has been informed by Lookout and has solved the problem so that as long as a user's iPhone is up to date, it will be safe.

Google has also removed nearly 25 apps on the Google Play Store containing Exodus malware.

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