Andy Cohen advises Kandi Burruss on surrogacy

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have recently made the major decision of having a baby via a surrogate, but it turns out that The real housewives of Atlanta Mom had reservations about surrogacy – until a familiar face gives her crucial advice: Andy Cohen!

"I had made a comment. I said something like: "I guess I'm having a baby, mom," she reminded Busy Phillipps on Monday, as a guest on her talk show Busy tonight. "And he said to me," Do not you ever say it's your mother, "tore herself apart," and say it's your baby's mother taking you. "

She did not know at that time that Andy was going to have a surrogate baby; she thought she did not know anyone who had already followed the process.

"And then, when he announced it, he immediately hit me and said," Now you see why I felt so strong. "

Kandi revealed on her blog that the surrogate was the best option for her and Todd to have another baby for health reasons.

"We have found someone and we are doing it," Kandi said. US Weekly in November. "We have girls. We have two embryos that stayed from when we had Ace [through IVF]. "

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