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Andy Cohen shares his new list of "essential" dads

Bravo's producer, Andy Cohen, celebrates his first Father's Day as a new dad and revealed the items he really liked (and needed) during those early days of parenting.

He worked with Amazon to create his "must-have" list, which includes both baby and dad clothes. Amazon generously shared Cohen's list of more than 40 hand-picked items.

Andy Cohen | PHOTO by Michael Simon / startraksphoto.com

From bath time to bedtime, Cohen breaks down the articles that worked for him. Plus, it includes some essentials to help him in his day. So what is Cohen on his list? In addition, who provided him with some solid parenting advice?

Love those Housewives

Cohen was in good company for the preparations for parenting. As a producer of Real housewives franchise, he has infinite resources. He said the ladies have been a great source of inspiration and advice.

"As a father for the first time, I asked everyone for advice, and housewives in particular helped me prepare for this great change in life," he said. Explain. Before welcoming his son Benjamin in February, the Housewives I also took in a star baby shower in Los Angeles.

"I'm about to celebrate my first Father's Day, and even though I'm still learning every day, my self-confidence is growing," he continued. "I'm really excited to be collaborating with Amazon and sharing all the products that have helped me move on to father's life – and the best thing is that they arrive within two days. days or less right outside my door! "

Baby must have it

Cohen recently shared a photo and comments on Instagram about his love for Amazon. "I can not believe I'm about to celebrate my FIRST # FathersDay! I always learn on the job, but there are some essential elements that Ben and I could not, not, live in, and they are #AllOnAmazon. Tip for those who are on the verge of becoming beginner dads, @Amazon is literally a lifesaver. Check out the New Dad Essentials list that I've drawn up with all my essential accessories. "

The friend and musician John Mayer had an amazing observation of the photo. "You and the Amazon logo have the same half-smile." In addition, a number of Housewives sent their love.

So, what did Cohen choose for Benjamin? Although the full list is available on Amazon, he said it was essential to have diapers at all times to ensure his survival as a new parent. "There is nothing worse than a diaper race in New York late at night," he said. "Subscribe & Save saves life and makes sure you never miss the point."

Do not forget dad

Cohen knows that a happy father means a happy baby. So, he says hopefully: "Who said that a baby registry should be entirely devoted to baby? Sometimes dad needs a little love too.

What is on the list of Cohen's fathers? Although it includes Ray-Ban sunglasses and impressive headphones, it also offers baby items that make it easy to work. He likes this slash-on-shoulder bag. Perfect for a life on the go!

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